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English Name: Samantha Taylor
Japanese Name: Sonomi Daidouji
Birthday: October 13th
Fave Color: Lavender
Fave Food: Tea and Mushrooms
Family: Daughter (Tomoyo)
Friends: Nadeshiko
Job: Head of a large Toy Company

Sonomi is Tomoyo's mom. She hates Fujitaka so much because she believes he took Nadeshiko away from her. Nadeshiko married when she was only 16, and from that point Sonomi stopped hanging around her. Sonomi is actually Nadesiko's cousin. Sonomi is very proud, and independent. She cares about Tomoyo deeply, even though she doesn't seem to be around a lot. Sonomi is the head of a big toy company. Sonomi also cares about Sakura, and likes to see her happy because she reminds her of Nadeshiko.