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A Christmas Set Up
By: Kari-chan

This is an S+S fic !!^-^ It takes place after season three- but Eli and his group are still here. Li and Meiling have come back for a Christmas visit. (I use the English names.) I am not trying to say Sakura and gang are of any certain faith. I just find the mistletoe a good tradition for "Christmas".

"Madison! Hey, Madison!" Sakura Avalon called running up to her best friend Madison Taylor. Madison was holding a bunch of envelopes. "What are those, Madison?" Madison smiled, "These are invitations to the Christmas party I'll be having." She then handed one to Sakura. "Oh, thanks!" Sakura opened the envelope and read it out loud, "You are invited to Madison Taylor's Christmas Party! It will take place this Saturday at 1 p.m. My address is 6247 Moonlight Street. (Sorry i didn't know her real address!) This looks fun, Madison! I'll be sure to come!"

When Sakura reached Mr. Terada's class she noticed that Li had an invitation too. "Hi Li! So, are you going to go to Madison's party?" Li thought for a moment. "I don't know." Just then Eli came to class. "Hello Sakura, Li. So, are two going to Madison's party?" Sakura nodded. "Oh good. I'll be seeing you there then. Li will you be joining us?" Li didn't like Eli, and didn't trust him with Sakura. "Of course I'll be there!" Sakura was confused. But she didn't have time to question Li, the bell rang and class began.

After school Madison was over at Sakura's house. They were working on some math problems. "Madison, do need any help decorating on Saturday?" Madison shook her head, "No thanks. Sakura, I was wondering if I could design your outfit for the party?" Sakura did like Madison's costumes, but some of them are, um, well, sort of weird. "Aaaa, sure." Madison smiled, "Great!" Sakura wondered what she had just gotten herself into. "Uhhhh, Madison, what were you thinking?" Madison's smile widened. "Don't worry, Sakura. It's very stylish. I was thinking a short red dress with a collar and holly for your hair." Sakura sighed. "Hey, can I come too? I'm sure there's going to be lots of food there," Kero-Chan asked flying up behind Sakura. "Hoooooeeee!" Sakura screamed. "What?" Kero asked. "Don't come up behind me like that." Madison sweat dropped (Anime style.)

Friday night, the night before the party, Sakura was at Madison's. Madison had finished the dress and Sakura had to try it on. "Wow, Madison! It looks great and fits perfectly!" Sakura spun around. "Yeah! I like my hat!" Kero flew beside Sakura. He was wearing a little Santa's hat. "I can't wait 'til everyone sees your outfit." Madison said turning on her video camera. "I just have to get a shot of you two!" Sakura and Kero-Chan posed while Madison taped.

It was finally Saturday. By the time Sakura had arrived everyone else was already there. Sakura was always late. Sakura noticed that all of her friends were there. Zachary was telling Nikki, Rita and Chelsea one of his 'stories', Meiling was trying to get Li to dance, Li of coarse wouldn't leave his place, and Madison was talking with Eli. Sakura really liked her friends' outfits. Nikki was wearing a dark, green dress with a bell (not cowbell) necklace and had holly in her hair. Rita was wearing a red, turtleneck dress and also had holly in her hair. (Both dresses were knee length.) Chelsea was wearing a short, black skirt, a red and gold sweater, and as usual her hair was in pig tales. Meiling was wearing a short, red dress that had a Chinese stlye. Madison was wearing a white, short dress with specks of gold and silver, and white ribbon in her hair.

On Eli's shoulder a little, blue, cat-like thing sat. "Hey, look Kero, Suppi is here too, and you're both wearing little Santa hats." Kero blushed and when Suppi spotted Kero-Chan he did too. They don't like each other that much. (But just imagine them in little Santa hats! It would be sooo kawaii!)

When Sakura walked in Li couldn't help but stare. Madison noticed Li and she knew her outfit was perfect for the plan. "Sakura, you're finally here." Sakura blushed. "You know me, I'm always late." Madison whispered to Kero, "The food table is over there." She pointed to a hug table full of chips, vegetables, fruits, cookies, punch and other goodies. Madison turned on some music. "May I have everyone's attention please. Now that everyone is here let the party begin!" After Madison had said that almost everyone started to dance. Chelsea and Zachary, Nikki and Rita decided to dance together since there was no one else that wanted to. Meiling finally gave up on Li and helped herself to some food. Eli went over to Li. "So Li, aren't you going to dance? Why else would you come?" Li blushed. Li secretly, very secretly, had a crush on Sakura. Eli knew that. "I know you like Sakura so why don't you ask her to dance?" Li was completely red now. "I do not like her!" Eli smiled slyly. "Then why did you come?" Li sighed. Eli obviously was aware of Li's crush, so Li decided to give in. Eli then went over to Madison and asked her to dance.

Li slowly and shyly walked up to Sakura. "Oh, hi Li! Are you enjoying the party so far?" Li silently nodded. He looked at Meiling. She seemed busy eating. It's almost like she magically got hungry once the slow song started. "Um, Sakura?" Li started. "Yes Li?" Li looked at the floor. "Would you, um, like to..." Sakura still didn't get it. "What?" Li closed his eyes and, "Sakura would you like to dance with me?" Sakura a little surprised said sure.

Li and Sakura had been dancing for 15 minutes straight now. They decided to take a brake. There was only two chairs. So Li and Sakura used those. Everyone looked at each other slyly except for Li and Sakura. Was there something going on they weren't aware of? The clock struck four. "Wow, time flies when you're having fun." Sakura sighed. Nothing had happened. Madison said there was going to be a surprise at four o'clock. "Um, Sakura, Li?" Everyone was looking at them. They had no idea why, though. "Yes?" They said in coarse. "Mistletoe!" Everyone yelled. When they looked up Sakura and Li saw mistletoe. They had been set up. They both blushed heavily. It was clear they liked each other. "You guys, it's tradition." They looked at each other. They both, then, closed their eyes and kissed each other on the lips. It was short, but sweet. Of coarse Li and Sakura didn't speak to each other for two weeks, but they were ,secretly, glad that they had been set up. They loved each other and that was obvious.



* I know, it wasn't the best. Hey, cut me some slack! It was my first Sakura and Li fic! Well, hope you enjoyed it! You can expect more, that are even better!

I would like to mention I was only in the sixth grade when I wrote this, so cut me some slack.


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