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Sakura: Welcome! This is a new show called "Yummy!" starring Kero-chan and me. While I show you how to make a food item Kero will review an anime. Kero will review it, and if he likes it he will say it's "yummy".
Kero: That's right! Today I will be reviewing two anime series, Fruits Basket and Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. But first, Sakura will be showing us how to cook pancakes! .......Does anyone else find it ironic that Sakura is teaching us how to cook?
Sakura: What are you implying, Kero? >_> Well, anyway, on to the pancakes! ^^ First, you mix the 'instant pancake mix' with water. Then pour the mix into a pan on the stove. Now, make sure the stove is on. ^^
Kero: Yeah, Sakura found that out the hard way. -_-
Sakura: >.< Grr.... ehehehe.... Now then, when the pancakes are done cooking you can add syrups, jams, fruits or any other toppings you want. Not only are pancakes great for breakfast, but for desserts also. You can also add chocolate chips or other ingredients to the batter before cooking them. Now over to Kero-chan!
Kero: Thank you Sakura, for your simple and somewhat obvious cooking lesson. -_- I think you were supposed to show the audience how to cook them from scratch. Anyhoo, on to Fruits Basket. Fruits Basket is the new series, dubbed in English by FUNimation. It's very sweet and heart-wrenching. There are some very sad minutes in the show.
Sakura: Yeah, Kero cried a few times.
Kero: I did NOT! <_< The characters are interesting, the animation beautiful and the plot caught my interest. It was really funny too! I also enjoyed the music, which was nice and gentle. It is about a young girl named Tohru, whose parents have both passed away. She has no place to stay, so she takes resident on the Sohma Family's lawn (which is like a REALLY big forest, so they don't know.) Once Tohru is found out, the Sohma Family invites her to stay with them in the house, as long as she will cook and clean. Soon she learns the family's strange secret! When they are hugged by the opposite sex they turn into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. Tohru's life just keeps getting stranger as she meets more members of the Sohma Family. That Tohru character is the best! She cooks so many good-looking foods! ^____^ I give it a "yummy!"
Kero: Now, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040. The music in this series is cool, and I like the characters. I haven't seen the whole series yet, but I've seen quite a few episodes, which I will base the review on. It's about evil corporations, cute girls kicking butt and wicked robots. I wasn't that drawn to this series that much. Hmm... but all things considered I think I'll give it a "yummy".
Sakura: Thank you Kero-chan! Well, that was our show. I hope you've enjoyed it. See you next time! ^^