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Sakura & Tomoyo's Friendship Corner

This is a section dedicated to the best friends, Sakura Kinomoto and TomoyoDaidouji! These friends care deeply about each other and are together often.

Tomoyo- Tomoyo has a beautiful voice, and is a fantastic singer. She contributes to the school chorus club (choir.) Tomoyo is beautiful, caring and dedicated to her friends. The word "perfect" describes her perfectly. Tomoyo doesn't care about her own feelings, as long as her friends are happy. Tomoyo also is totally great. She's not always perky and annoying, she's just genuinely sweet! I don't think anyone can hate her. ^__^

Sakura- Sakura is cheerful, caring, and sometimes clueless. Sakura always looks out for others and their feelings. Though, Sakura doesn't always understand people's true feelings. Even if someone dislikes Sakura she will win them over with her beautiful attitude and kind heart. ^__^

"People come and go, but true friendship lasts forever."