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English Name: Madison Taylor
Japanese Name: Tomoyo Daidouji
English Voice Actress: Maggle Blue O'hara
Birthday: September 3rd
Age: 10
Fave Color: Beige, White
Fave Food: Sushi
Family: Mom (Sonomi)
Friends: Sakura, Kero (everyone she knows?)
Grade: 4
Fave Subject: Music, Japanese
Least Fave Subject: None
Wants: New Video Camera

Tomoyo is a very kind and caring person. She is very gentle also. She is Sakura's best friend (but in the original version she is Sakura's second cousin I believe. ??) Tomoyo cares deeply about her friends and Sakura especially. Tomoyo videotapes all of Sakura's card captures. She also designs all of Sakura's battle costumes. Her mother is in charge of a huge toy company and they are very rich. Tomoyo has bodyguards and rides around in a limo. (Cool, eh?)